Mouth Cancer

What is mouth cancer? Mouth cancer is the general term used to describe malignant tumours that develop in the mouth, most often the tongue, tonsils, lips, cheeks and throat. Although there are risk factors, anyone can develop mouth cancer, whether we have our own teeth or not. Oral cancer screening should be done as [...]

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What is caries?

What is caries? Caries is the clinical term used to describe dentinal tissue infected by microorganisms, and is the cause of the majority of work carried out within a dental practice. It is sometimes referred to as tooth decay or a “cavity”. Teeth are made up of various parts, but the part we see [...]

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Why we are an amalgam-free practice

Why we are an amalgam-free practice What is amalgam? The amalgam used in dental fillings (often called silver, or black, fillings) is a powdered metal alloy made up of copper, tin and silver which is amalgamated, and held together, by liquid mercury. Amalgam is approximately 50% elemental mercury by weight. It is used in dental [...]

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Healthcare Improvement Scotland Inspection

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Report Healthcare Improvement Scotland recently carried out an inspection of our practice and we are delighted with their positive report! We are very proud to have received such high grades in the categories assessed. If you would like to read the full report please click on the link below: You may [...]

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Radiographs as a diagnostic tool

What are X-rays? X-rays were discovered by Röntgen in 1895. Their nature was initially unknown and so they were called X-rays. We now know that they are high energy electromagnetic radiation and are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. What are they used for? In dentistry, radiographs are one of our most helpful diagnostic tools. We [...]

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Misconceptions Regarding Root Canal Treatments

Misconceptions Regarding Root Canal Treatments There are many misconceptions surrounding Root Canal Treatments, and it would be fair to say they have a bad reputation. When done correctly, a Root Canal Treatment should not be painful. They require the same level of anaesthesia as would be used for a simple filling. They are also often [...]

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Acid Erosion

Acid Erosion Our teeth are covered in the hardest and most highly mineralised substance in our bodies: enamel. The enamel is formed by cells called ameloblasts which are only active during tooth development. Enamel contains no living cells therefore we cannot regenerate it. It is a crystalline structure which contains minerals, primarily hydroxyapatite. Our bodies [...]

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