Terms and Conditions

Paying for your dental care

All adult patients are treated privately.

We also offer Practice Membership plans provided by Independent (Moray Firth Dental Care) where payment is made monthly from your bank account. We offer different levels of cover and if you are a plan member then you will receive discounts on treatments and enjoy the peace of mind of having emergency assistance cover whilst away from home. Please ask a member of the team and we’ll be pleased to provide further information.

After your examination or consultation at the practice, we strive to provide you with an accurate estimate of your treatment needs.

However, this cost may change if your planned treatment needs to be altered, due to unforeseen issues arising, or a delay in starting your treatment plan.

The full balance of your treatment should be paid for by your last appointment*. This can be paid by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.

However, if this has not happened and we need to send you an account letter, this should be paid in full within 30 calendar days of the date printed.

The Keith Dental Practice reserves the right to use the services of a Debt Collector for the recovery of monies owed to the practice due to non-payment of accounts.

*For orthodontic treatments we ask for at least 50% of the balance to be paid in full prior to approval stage.