Dental Fitness for Oil & Gas Sector Workers

Here is an extract from a medical fitness form from the Oil & Gas industry:

“The most common reason for employees being passed unfit for work offshore is poor dental health. Please ensure that you have visited a dentist in the last 6 months and that your teeth do not require any work from the dentist prior to attending for your medical. Broken teeth,missing fillings and bleeding gums with poor dental hygiene may lead to an “unfit for offshore work” certificate being issued pending satisfactory treatment. You do not need to bring a certificate from the dentist to the medical, just a healthy mouth. All offshore workers should ensure excellent dental health and attend the dentist every 6 months. Medical evacuation for toothache is embarrassing for the individual concerned and expensive for the employing company.”

At The Keith Dental Practice we are fully aware of the need for good dental health and the problems that a lack of good dental health can bring in harsh conditions. Dr Hansen and his team can help you attain the level of dental health needed for offshore work.
Call us on 01542 886251 so we can help you get the healthcare you need to ensure the peace of mind you require with your dental health.

We can provide a certificate of Dental Fitness

Regular dental health checks and preventative treatment are the cornerstone of our practice.  We will help you attain dental fitness to reduce to a minimum the chance of you requiring dental treatment, evacuation from your place of work and therefore loss of earning potential or time away from work from dental problems. Our Membership plans also include redundancy protection so that you could get continuing membership benefits for up to 12 months (please ask for details).